Whether you are thinking of selling your home this year or in three years, it's never a bad idea to get an outsider's opinion on what you can do to your home to get a premium return on investment. The infographic below gives a good idea of where to start, but at Focus Real Estate we have experience combined with knowledge. We would love the opportunity to sit down and go over the numbers that would work best for you and your home.

Some Highlights:

  • Whether you are selling your home, just purchased your first home, or are a homeowner planning to stay put for a while, there is value in knowing which home improvement projects will net you the most Return On Investment (ROI).
  • While big projects like adding a bathroom or a complete kitchen remodel are popular ways to increase a home’s value, something as simple as updating landscaping and curb appeal can have a quick impact on a home’s value.
  • For more information about top renovation projects that net you the most ROI, you can check out the complete list here.

Not sure if these's projects apply to you? Email us! We want to make sure your home is placed on the market in the strongest position possible.

Parts of the article appeared on Simplifying the Market.