We are so pleased to announce another new face to the Focus Team. Siyu is the epitome of dedication and in the few weeks that Siyu has been in our office, his loyalty to his clients is apparent. We look forward to seeing big things come from Siyu!

About Siyu Zhang

Looking for investment opportunities in the United States ignited Siyu’s interest in the Boston real estate market and shortly after moving to Boston from Beijing, China, Siyu began his career at Focus Real Estate. Before getting into the real estate, Siyu previously served as the Director of Investment in Asia Financial Cooperation Association (AFCA) helping clients find the best matching investment portfolios and managed over $8 billion dollars during his time there.

He found that seeking out the best investments for his clients and managing their assets at AFCA fit perfectly in line with his desire to pursue a real estate career. Siyu is dedicated to helping buyers find the right home and sellers to set an ideal price with his expert understanding of the local and international business and economy trends.
Raised in Beijing, Siyu graduated from the top university in China, Peking University, and remains a loyal member of the PKU alumni association. In his free time, Siyu is busy cooking, reading, and winning medals for his dragon boat racing team.