As many of you know, when we opened our doors at Focus Real Estate, we opened them to a very active construction site across the street. The Boston Public Library: JP Branch had closed its door in 2015 to under go a $10M renovation. All of the rumbling we felt in our office from the heavy machinery meant that this expansion would provide Jamaica Plain with a 20% increase in space. Finally, in May of 2017, Mayor Walsh welcomed the community back to the books as the library reopened. 

We were thrilled to take a tour with Director of Neighborhood Services, Priscilla Foley.

Our favorite highlights from the tour were:

  • The Maker Space with a 3D printer and computers
  • Outside reading terrace
  • Expanded children's area
  • Dedicated tween & teen sections

Also, check out Randal's Facebook live video from the day of the grand opening:

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