Focus Real Estate is more than agents and clients. We are serving members of Jamaica Plain committed to giving back to our community.  


Emerald Necklace Conservancy

We love our parks and access to these beautiful green spaces is what makes Jamaica Plain unique. For these reasons, Focus Real Estate is a proud sponsor of The Emerald Necklace Conservancy's Sundays in the Park. 

Founded in 1998, the Emerald Necklace Conservancy vows to maintain, restore, and protect all the parks of the Emerald Necklace. The conservancy oversees programs and projects to give each visitor an enriching experience.

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Franklin Park Coalition

Franklin Park is the largest jewel in Boston's Emerald Necklace and we are honored to serve as sponsors to the Franklin Park Turkey Trot.

Franklin Park Coalition is a non-profit organization that works tirelessly to help improve and maintain the park. By fundraising as well as hosting events throughout the year, the coalition strives to keep this 527-acre historic green space open and beautiful to all for years to come.

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South Street Youth Center

We believe youth outreach and development is one of the most rewarding and worthwhile efforts you can make. South Street Youth Center (SSYC) does an amazing job keeping their kids motivated in school as well as nurturing their passions in the arts and athletics. We are proud sponsors of their annual Gala.

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Boston Slammers

The Bostons Slammers is an all-girls baseball team that is based in Jamaica Plain, but hosts players from all over the Boston area. These girls, aged 9-13, work hard to play past the preconceptions that baseball is a "boy's sport". This group of dedicated girls is exactly the type of future leaders that we want to help on their way.

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Guest Artist Program

Our goal is to host local artists and craft artisans in our space every month to help broaden our reach in the town that we love. We offer usage of our office free of charge in hopes of helping each artist promote their work.

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