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How to Stay Positive While Home Buying

Randal Engelmann & Erik Gould

We are Randal Engelmann and Erik Gould, partners in providing exceptional customer service.

Jul 31 2 minutes read

In the past weeks, we've seen more and more transactions with multiple offers. With our last three listings, we had a total of 43 offers. Having to tell 40 buyers "no" is one the worst parts of our job. We know that is can be frustrating and heartbreaking and easy to give up. We're here to remind you; it's worth it to stay the course. When home searching, it's easy to get so laser-focused that you don't consider all your options. Here are some blast-from-the-past videos to reaffirm your mission to find a new home!

Expand Your Home Search

There have been so many times where our clients have felt they will never find the right home for them. We're always saying to our clients, your perfect home is out there! It might be in a place you haven't considered.

Place Your Strongest Offer

If you have been in a multiple offer situation, you know how important it is to place the most substantial, most competitive offer out first. Otherwise, you might never make it to a second round!

Work With a Buyer's Agent

We're listing this point last, but it's the MOST IMPORTANT. If you're not working with a buyer's agent, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage at every turn of the process. Similarly, if you've been working with an agent and you've felt like your concerns aren't being heard, it may be time to consider a change.

If you'd like more coaching in your home search, reach out! We want you to find that perfect home.

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