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Buy a vacation home? The time is now.

With low interest rates and record high interest in vacation home rentals, now is the time to buy that vacation home you've dreamed about. 


With the summer months finally at hand, is this the right time to invest in your new vacation property? Increasing home prices have hit nearly every segment of the housing market, and the vacation home market is no exception. With travel restrictions, quarantines and work from home arrangements in 2020, the vacation home market took off. So across the United States, vacation home sales rose last year by over 16%, far outpacing the 6% increase in existing home sales. Could this be the right time for you? While it may seem prudent for buyers to wait for some of the demand to die down before purchasing their vacation home, there still are some factors working in buyers' favor.

First of all, we're still experiencing these historically low interest rates, and that's going to give buyers more bang for their buck. Second factor working in buyers' favors is that the demand for vacation home rentals is also at an all time high. Individuals are interested in renting homes because they have their own private indoor and outdoor space and can eat at home and have family gatherings. So if you're willing to rent your home for a few weeks or even a few months over the course of the year, you can make a significant contribution to your monthly mortgage payments. So if you're interested in this topic or others, please give me a call, I'd love to chat. And until next time, stay tuned and Stay Focused.

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