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Local Spotlight: Frankin Park Coalition


Local Spotlight: Franklin Park Coalition

Randal Engelmann & Erik Gould

We are Randal Engelmann and Erik Gould, partners in providing exceptional customer service...

We are Randal Engelmann and Erik Gould, partners in providing exceptional customer service...

Nov 7 9 minutes read

This week Erik & Randal chat with Janna Cohen-Rosenthal of the Franklin Park Coalition about the future of the crown jewel of the Emerald Necklace and this year's Turkey Trot! To Learn More about Parksgiving, visit their site.


Randal:             Hey. We're going to meet Janna Cohen-Rosenthal today, from the Franklin Park Coalition. Kinda fun. Anyway.

Erik:                 We gotta watch the acorns because they are falling from the sky today. I feel like Chicken Little over here.

Randal:             Excited to chat with her about what's happening in Franklin Park, so stay tuned.

Erik:                 Watch our video.

Randal:             Welcome back to Focus Real Estate Stay Focused video series. I'm Randal.

Erik:                 I'm Erik.

Randal:             We're here today with Janna Cohen-Rosenthal, who is the executive director of the Franklin Park Coalition. I guess, welcome.

Janna:              Thank you.

Erik:                 And, congratulations.

Randal:             And, congratulations.

Janna:              Thank you.

Erik:                 We're here in Franklin Park.

Randal:             You guys all know that we're such a big fan of the green space around the Boston area and around Jamaica Plain.

Erik:                 And, supporters of that.

Randal:             Indeed, indeed. Wanted to chat with Janna about some of the changes that are happening at Franklin Park, because I don't know if a lot of people realize how much happens in this park.

Janna:              Yes, exactly.

Randal:             With zoo. What are some of the other things?

Janna:              Franklin Park is the largest park in Boston. It's 527 acres.

Randal:             Oh, wow.

Janna:              It's the crown jewel of the emerald necklace. Frederick Law Olmsted developed the whole system of parks called the emerald necklace, and Franklin Park we call the crown jewel. Not just because we're the biggest park. There is the zoo, which is a private nonprofit. There's a stadium that the city of Boston manages. There's a golf course. And then, there's tons of hiking trails, playgrounds that the city of Boston maintains. Franklin Park Coalition we use all of these players together.

Erik:                 You gotta work with parks and the-

Randal:             City.

Erik:                 ... public schools and city and ...

Janna:              Yes, exactly.

Randal:             Oh, that'd be fun.

Janna:              It is, it's wonderful. We're a coalition of people who are neighbors of the park, businesses, supporters who care about Franklin Park and want to make it an even better place. We have a summer concert series called the Elma Lewis Playhouse in the Park.

Randal:             Where do they do the concerts?

Janna:              The concert's actually just behind us here, near the back zoo entrance, but in the '70s they had been right up here on the hill in this ruined playhouse structure.

Erik:                 Where the fog sculpture, right?

Janna:              Where the fog is, yeah. Up until October, there had been this great fog sculptures, so people really got to see how the emerald necklace is connected.

Randal:             That's called the ruins.

Janna:              It's called the Overlook Ruins.

Randal:             What was the ruins of?

Janna:              It was, from my understanding, the only building that Olmsted designed in the park. It was a structure to do various things in the park. Now, it looks like an old castle that's disintegrating but in this really magical, mysterious way. There's little pockets of these historical gems throughout the park. The city just invested about $5 million in new pathways in the park. Down by Scarborough Pond-

Randal:             They even got a rotary.

Janna:              ... Yes, it's beautiful. There is amazing views of the park from there. If you go up into the woods there, it's really amazing. I'm really excited about what happened over there because we hope, over the next five years, the city's told us they're gonna invest $25 million into Franklin Park.

Erik:                 That's great.

Randal:             Really?

Janna:              The park is really gonna be improved. The other big thing that we have coming up that shows that big diversity of our city and crazy, funky excitement of the park is the turkey trot.

Randal:             Thanksgiving.

Janna:              Thank you Focus Realty, for sponsoring the turkey-

Randal:             We love the turkey trot.

Erik:                 We love the turkey trot.

Janna:              ... I-

Erik:                 We run it every year.

Randal:             We always try to have some good costumes. Janna?

Erik:                 Do you wanna wear a pumpkin pie?

Janna:              ... I'll wear it. I have never run the turkey trot and this will be my first year seeing the costumes. We have a costume contest you guys might win, if you wear ...

Randal:             Well ...

Erik:                 I think we'll have to up it a little.

Randal:             There are some people with some really amazing costumes that do the trot.

Janna:              It's a fun family event on the morning of Thanksgiving. There are prizes for fastest runners, for best costumes, for dog costumes, and this year we have an exciting-

Randal:             Oh, that could be fun.

Erik:                 Our dog will hate us.

Janna:              ... thing. We're gonna give out prizes for people who fundraise the most for the Franklin Park Coalition. We're calling it Parksgiving.

Randal:             Don't forget, franklinparkcoalition.org for more information about their organization, how you can support the parks, how you can come and run the turkey trot, the whole thing. Thanks everybody for watching today. Thank you, Janna, for being with us.

Erik:                 Thanks, Janna.

Randal:             Look forward to seeing you next time. Don't forget to like us on Facebook.

Erik:                 And subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Randal:             Until next time, Stay Tuned and Stay Focused.

Erik:                 Stay Tuned and Stay Focused.

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