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Stay Focused: Technology in Real Estate "Digital Trends"

This week Erik and Randal share how digital signatures have greatly improved the customer experience as well as the ease of transactions.


Stay Focused: Technology in Real Estate "Digital Signatures"

Randal Engelmann & Erik Gould

We are Randal Engelmann and Erik Gould, partners in providing exceptional customer service...

We are Randal Engelmann and Erik Gould, partners in providing exceptional customer service...

May 14 6 minutes read


Erik:               Welcome back to Stay Focused. Focused Real Estate's weekly video series. This week we're talking about technology in real estate.

Erik:               Technology in real estate, we would like to chat about one of the big tools that we use that is really changing the way the customer's experience. And that is ... ?

Randal:             Digital signatures.

Erik:               Digital signatures.

Randal:             Yeah. It's really hard to believe how much that has changed the customer experience, as well as the ease of transaction in many ways.

Randal:             So the reason that we're talking about this now is because on a weekly basis, I still have people saying to me, "Shall I print this out and send this over to you?" And here, that I have to say is a little caution for us on this end. But what we don't want to do is allow all of this great technology to interfere with the customer experience.

Erik:               Right.

Randal:             Because it really does ... it adds so much to the customer's experience at the same time.

Randal:             But what's a digital signature?

Erik:               So, digital signatures are something that is becoming very widespread. When we have documents, we actually subscribe to a digital signature technology program where we can actually assign places where anyone needs to sign, or date, or initial a document.

Erik:               [crosstalk 00:01:29].

Erik:               We can put a place there, a placeholder and then send that document to the person so they can receive it on their cell phone, on their ...

Randal:             Tablet.

Erik:               Tablet, on their computer, wherever they're at and they have internet connection, they can receive that document and assign a digital stamp to their signature, and that is a legal and binding document. We've had clients sign documents while in jury rooms, at airports.

Erik:               When in airports, yeah.

Erik:               Probably in places that ...

Erik:               We don't want to know.

Erik:               But allows you, the customer, to sign these documents at a place that is convenient to you, and deliver it back immediately.

Randal:             Yeah, and it's something that's really added a great layer of trackability to transactions, and really ease for everyone. I mean, it doesn't seem like that long ago that when we got a purchase and sale agreement, a P and S, I don't know if you saw that video.

Erik:               Let's go to the video.

Randal:             That was a fun one.

Randal:             Something that we say a lot during a transaction.

Erik:               P and S. P and S.

Erik:               P and S. P and S. P and S.

Erik:               The P and S. Which stands for purchase and sale agreement.

Erik:               Purchase and sale agreement.

Randal:             But we would make four copies, and sign four originals.

Erik:               Drive them around town to get the originals.

Randal:             Drive them around town to get the originals signed. So, this is really saved a lot of gas. It's got to be really good for the environment, and made it a lot easier for people.

Erik:               And paper.

Randal:             But, one of the things that we want to convey to you is that we're really dedicated to both things that make the transaction easier for the clients especially, as well as having a really great experience, but really relying on technology, and being at the forefront of that to make sure that we're bringing you all the things to make the transaction as smooth as easy possible.

Erik:               So that's our technology tool for the month.

Randal:             Digital signatures. Digital signatures. Digital signatures..

Erik:               Digital signatures.

Randal:             I'm sure you've encountered them.

Erik:               If you have any other technology questions that we use in real estate, drop us a line, or make a comment below.

Randal:             Yeah. Thanks for watching today everybody, and stay tuned.

Erik:               And stay focused.

Erik:               Everyone wake up! Wake up, Randal.

Randal:             I'm fine, now my heart is beating.

Erik:               Ooze is like dripping out. Need little ...

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