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Stay Focused: Season Three Premiere 


Stay Focused: Season Three Premiere!

Randal Engelmann & Erik Gould

We are Randal Engelmann and Erik Gould, partners in providing exceptional customer service...

We are Randal Engelmann and Erik Gould, partners in providing exceptional customer service...

Jan 2 6 minutes read

Welcome to season THREE of Stay Focused. This week, Erik & Randal take a look back on Focus' successes of 2018 and what their goals are for 2019.


Randal:             Well welcome back to Stay Focused, Focus Real Estate's weekly video blog. This week we'd like to do a Focus Recap and Forecast. So right here at the beginning of 2019 we want to chat a little bit about some of the things that happened in 2018 and looking forward to some of the fun things that we have planned for 2019.

Erik:               So in 2018 we had a great year. We personally had a great year and we helped 95 families transition and move into hopefully the homes of their dreams. Homes that really work for them, and that's what gives us so much joy.

Randal:             So and also looking forward to 2019, so 2019 this year our goal is to help 150 families in our office.

Erik:               Yeah.

Randal:             Make a transition into a new home, so if you're not one of our clients, you can be.

Erik:               Yeah.

Randal:             Indeed, indeed. And it's not just all about the moving thing, we had so much fun doing so many other things. From our Halloween event again this year, so passing out free professional photographs to so many of the people in the community in their Halloween costumes, that's so much fun.

Erik:               Right. To sponsoring the concerts in the park through The Emerald Necklace Conservancy.

Randal:             Yeah, we're really proud to continue our sponsorship of The Emerald Necklace Conservancy and the summer of concerts series. It's such a wonderful way to celebrate the parks during the summer time.

Erik:               And we're doing that again in 2019 and we have some fun things planned along with that.

Randal:             Look out for some cool free swag, so ...

Erik:               So this summer we'll do concerts in the park with all of you.

Randal:             Yeah, we look forward to seeing you there. We're looking forward to also doing some fun events around that. In addition to that, some other of the fun things that we had a really good time doing was sponsoring the Doyle's Road Race this year, sponsoring the Franklin Park Coalition's Turkey Trot.

Erik:               Turkey Trot.

Randal:             It was 14-degrees out there this year, I can't believe we actually ran that race. A nice headwind. We actually had a good turnout, there was 600 people in 2018 on Thanksgiving Day.

Erik:               Even though it was cold and windy. And we'll do that again in 2019. So look forward to sponsoring some great events and some great community causes as well.

Randal:             Indeed.

Erik:               And Cradles to Crayons.

Randal:             Oh yeah, of course.

Erik:               Was another great community charitable organization that we sponsor.

Erik:               So, big take away is we look forward to staying in touch with all of you and our community and lots of great things for 2019. And we can't do that without you, you are the most important part. So if you know of anyone, if you're looking to move or sell or know of anyone who is looking to move or sell, and you've been watching us and following us, drop us a line, give us a call and we'd love to help you out and be one of our successful clients in 2019.

Randal:             And not only can we help the people in our local communities here in the Boston area, but we can help people all around the country. We have such an amazing network through so many different avenues to help place you not only with an agent, but the best agent in that area.

Erik:               Anywhere in the country.

Randal:             So if you or somebody that you know wants to ... is looking to make a move in Illinois, in Mississippi, in-

Erik:               California.

Randal:             California, in DC. Wherever you're looking to go or your family or friends are looking to go, let us know and we can help you find the best agent that services that area. And you're already keyed into the best agents in this area so we look forward to helping you this year.

Erik:               Yeah. So we're looking forward to a great 2019 working with all of you and your friends and family and loved ones.

Randal:             All right, well thanks everybody for watching. Don't forget to like us on Facebook.

Erik:               And subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Randal:             And until next time, Stay Tuned and Stay Focused.

Erik:               Stay Tuned and Stay Focused.

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