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Stay Focused: Season Two Finale!


Stay Focused: Season Two Finale!

Randal Engelmann & Erik Gould

We are Randal Engelmann and Erik Gould, partners in providing exceptional customer service...

We are Randal Engelmann and Erik Gould, partners in providing exceptional customer service...

Dec 20 6 minutes read

Happy New Year! This week, Erik & Randal wrap up all the Focus Real Estate videos of 2018. Looking forward to season three and 2019!


Erik:               Welcome to Stay Focused. This is the end of 2018 and as we're looking forward to a new year, we're finishing up our second full season of doing our video series.

Erik:               Stay Focused.

Randal:             Yeah, so we just wanted to reflect a little bit and let you know how much fun we've been having with this. Hopefully you've been having fun with us.

Erik:               So, yeah, reflecting back this past year, we, some of our favorite-

Randal:             Visited a circus school.

Randal:             I can sell you a mean house.

Erik:               We did. We ate tapas.

Randal:             We're thrilled to be here today at Tres Gatos restaurant in Jamaica Plain.

Randal:             Delicious tapas-

Erik:               At Tres Gatos.

Randal:             -at Tres Gatos, thank you very much.

Tres Gatos:         I think our food in the last three years, Steven Marcaurelle, his food has really elevated, I feel, the menu of Tres Gatos. His food is just amazing.

Randal:             Visiting Diablo Glass Studio, that was really fun.

Randal:             There's like, all kinds of stuff going on.

Diablo:             Yes.

Erik:               Saw parks and murals and lots of wonderful things.

Randal:             Hey, we're going to meet Janna Cohen-Rosenthal today from the Franklin Park Coalition. Kind of fun. Excited to chat with her about what's happening in Franklin Park.

Erik:               Yeah.

Randal:             So stay tuned.

Erik:               Watch our video.

Randal:             Yeah, and wanted to thank the people that we ... have been participating in the videos as well. Just wanted to actually say to you guys, what else can we bring to you? D'you have any other ideas for us for things that you would like to hear from us?

Erik:               We will continue this video series in 2019 and would love your input on what you liked, what you'd like to see more of.

Randal:             Yeah, we'd love to have some more folks on the show, and we know there's a lot of people out there with a lot of specialized knowledge that we'd like to be able to share with our viewers.

Randal:             As we're moving forward we wanted to say thank you for a great 2018, we've actually had a wonderful year. It's been a fun year for us, it's been a good year in business and great year in relationships that has been very strong, and wanted to thank you guys for that. Wish you a very happy new year.

Speaker 5:          Happy New Year!

Randal:             Looking forward to what 2019 has to bring for all of us. I guess, it's cheers. I know, well, you probably know this is being filmed at ten o'clock in the morning, so we're not gonna be drinking scotch. But, we can cheers to a little cider. So cheers to you.

Erik:               Cheers to you.

Randal:             Cheers to 2018.

Erik:               Thank you for a great 2018. We look forward to continuing to be in front of you every week in 2019.

Randal:             Whether you like it or not.

Erik:               With some fresh new topics and ideas and things to share.

Randal:             Yeah. Cheers. Happy new year.

Erik:               Cheers. Happy new year's everyone.

Speaker 5:          Happy New Year!

Erik:               That's awful!

Randal:             I'm having an episode.

Randal:             I was just having a minor coronary episode.

Randal:             Sometimes I crack myself up. I hope I crack you up too.

Erik:               Do not try this at home.

Erik:               Okay.

Erik:               Five ways to build equity in real estate.

Randal:             We'd do six, but we only have five fingers, so ...

Randal:             Thanks for watching everybody and ...

Randal:             Who's driving that dog car?

Erik:               Do you hear the buzzing?

Erik:               Oh, geez.

Janna:              Oh my god!

Erik:               We need hard hats.

Erik:               Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut!

Randal:             No, no. Nope. Stop.

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