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Stay Focused: Community Spotlight Titan Insurance

Randal Engelmann & Erik Gould

We are Randal Engelmann and Erik Gould, partners in providing exceptional customer service...

We are Randal Engelmann and Erik Gould, partners in providing exceptional customer service...

May 24 8 minutes read

Stay Focused: Community Spotlight Titan Insurance

This week, Erik sits down with CEO & Co-Founder, Mike Mullaney of Titan Insurance.


Eric:               Welcome to Stay Focused, Focus Real Estate's weekly video blog, and I have the great honor of being here with our community spotlight at Titan Insurance in Jamaica Plain with the co-founder and CEO.

Mike Mullaney:      Yep.

Eric:               I guess, right?

Mike Mullaney:      Yep.

Eric:               Michael Mullaney.

Mike Mullaney:      Thanks for having me. I really appreciate it, Eric.

Eric:               Yeah, no.

Mike Mullaney:      Glad to have you guys over here.

Eric:               Yeah, and glad to be with you today here in your offices.

Mike Mullaney:      Yep.

Eric:               At 720 Center Street, and we're fortunate that we've been doing some work together, and a quick plug for Titan Insurance.

Mike Mullaney:      Yeah, we have two locations, so we're based here in JP, as well as in downtown Boston and Back Bay. We specialize in personal and commercial insurance, and we currently work with over 20 different carriers to make sure that we can provide our customers with the best products available in the market.

Eric:               Now, you're in the JP office here where we're at.

Mike Mullaney:      Yep.

Eric:               You've been here for how long?

Mike Mullaney:      So we've been here now for about two years. We originally started our office at Back Bay in Boston, and expanded here a few years ago. It's been a great opportunity for us to really get in with the community and small businesses in and around the Boston area.

Eric:               Yeah, absolutely. What's your specialty in insurance here?

Mike Mullaney:      So we primarily do personal lines insurance from your home and auto insurance all the way to your umbrella, and we've been slowly growing our commercial space right now, and now we're finding a niche within the business owners' policies, specifically more so master insurance policies to help with the condo associations in and around the Boston area.

Eric:               Yeah, and that's really a lot of our viewers and clients are homeowners, if not single families. Of course, there's a lot of condos in the Boston area, so a lot of condo owners where they have master insurance policies, the condo association, and then the unit owners have what's called an HO6 policy or an owner's policy.

Eric:               Not all insurance agencies and companies can write those policies.

Mike Mullaney:      Yeah. We found out a lot of our clients when we're helping them out with their condo insurance policies that they don't know what their master policies cover, so a lot of times we'll find out that they need to review their master insurance to make sure that their condo policy is in line with it to make sure that they're properly protected. Sometimes you find the gaps, but it's our job to make sure that we're properly covering the client, that they're getting the best price and product that they can to ensure that there's no liabilities or risks that are going to occur if something does happen. So with that, we are able to quote the master insurance for them as well as their condo policy and find that there's maybe a savings if we can bundle both together for them, and work with them and the association to make sure that everybody's happy and getting the best product.

Eric:               Excellent. How often would you say that a condo association and a homeowner should have their policies reviewed?

Mike Mullaney:      I recommend that we take a look at it every two to three years. At that point, you find that you're going to get some loyalty credits. Also at that point, everyone's life changes, so there could be something going on with the building or for your life personally, that maybe you end up having a kid and you need to make sure that you have enough liability to protect maybe some more personal property or things like that within the building. Even from the master association standpoint, maybe there's more kids in the building, you want to make sure that you've got more liability, more things to make sure that people are protected within the building. God forbid, something happens, you want to make sure that everybody's properly protected.

Eric:               And with 20-something carriers you said?

Mike Mullaney:      Yes.

Eric:               You can-

Mike Mullaney:      We can pretty much price match and also find the best product out there for them. I know it's a lot, but we try to make sure that we're providing our clients with the best products available on the market, so we've grown and we've taken on a lot of carriers, but in turns, it helps our clients with what's available.

Eric:               Yeah. Great, great, and we were talking a little bit too right before we started filming here about technology.

Mike Mullaney:      That's right. We've tried to make it so that we have no paper. We're a paperless company. We find everything we can do is electronic. We get our clients, their documents through e-signatures so that they get a PDF copy of their documents. You can log into our website. You can also see all your documents there, as well as having access to all the carriers.

Eric:               Michael, where can our viewers find Titan Insurance both online and physically?

Mike Mullaney:      Sure, so our website is www.titaninsurer.com. You can come check us out here in JP at 720 Center Street, or as well as 535 Boylston Street in Back Bay.

Eric:               Great, great. Yeah. Well, and I can personally and professionally attest they're great to do business with, have reviewed some of our policies, and have saved us quite a bit of money-

Mike Mullaney:      Quite a bit of money, yeah.

Eric:               ... and great to work with as well.

Mike Mullaney:      Yeah, appreciate it, yeah. It's a great customer experience, and it's great working with like-minded people, finding good products and making sure that they're properly covered, and taking care of you guys.

Eric:               Yeah. So to all you viewers out there, check out Titan Insurance, and I appreciate you staying tuned. Until next time, stay tuned and stay focused.

Mike Mullaney:      Don't be frightened, I'm insured with Titan.

Mike Mullaney:      Awesome.

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