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Local Spotlight: REPS Fitness Studio


Local Spotlight: REPS Fitness Studio

Randal Engelmann & Erik Gould

We are Randal Engelmann and Erik Gould, partners in providing exceptional customer service...

We are Randal Engelmann and Erik Gould, partners in providing exceptional customer service...

Feb 20 7 minutes read

This week, Erik & Randal take a spin down the street to hang out with Matt of REPS Fitness Studio!


Randal:             Welcome back to Stay Focused, our weekly video series. We're here in the REPS Fitness Studio in Jamaica Plain with Matt Mellini, who's the manager here, and I just want to say welcome to the show.

Matt:               Yeah, thank you guys so much for having us. This is awesome.

Erik:               And thanks for having us in your studio.

Randal:             Absolutely.

Matt:               Oh, yeah. It's great to have you guys here.

Randal:             Well, because it's always nice to have a little background of where these things come from, REPS is right at the corner, it's actually almost kitty-corner to our office. I thought I'd come and check out the studio, and it's really awesome.

Matt:               Well, thank you for saying that. We appreciate it.

Randal:             It's a really great studio. Tell us a little bit about your studio. It's unique.

Matt:               Yeah. The unique thing about us is we have three formats of classes. All three classes have 30 minutes of cycling, and then, depending on the type of class you take, the other 30 minutes can either be ab work, which is our KORECYCLE class, strength training using kettle bells, body weight, resistance bands, that's our REPSCYCLE class, or 30 minutes of yoga, and that's the Cycle & Flow class I just spoke about.

Randal:             Okay.

Matt:               A lot of other traditional cycling classes are 45 minutes or 60 minutes. What we do here is we give you 30 minutes of intense cycling, where you get exactly what you would get in that 45 minutes in 30 minutes.

Randal:             Thank god.

Matt:               So you get another chance to get your ass kicked on the floor.

Randal:             On the floor, indeed.

Erik:               And use totally different muscles and body parts.

Matt:               Exactly, and you don't have a chance to ... My favorite thing that I've heard people say is they're not bored. It's the fasted hour of working out, but now-

Randal:             And somehow the longest at the same time.

Matt:               Yeah, ... maybe you guys. I'm always having them back-

Randal:             Come by for you.

Matt:               Yeah, it does, because I'm always like oh, we only have so much time to get through the second circuit, or do songs, then you do it in the 30 minute range. But, it's been a lot of fun, and the community here has been incredible. We're going to have our one-year anniversary coming up on March 9th and 10th-

Randal:             Awesome.

Erik:               Okay.

Matt:               ... which we're really excited for.

Erik:               And are you doing specials for that?

Matt:               Yeah. We have free classes all weekend.

Randal:             Oh, really?

Erik:               Wow.

Matt:               Yeah. They're live in MINDBODY, so I don't know what better excuse you have at this point.

Randal:             Well, and don't you have ... Isn't it Thursday that somebody that's paying for a class can bring a guest for free, right?

Matt:               Yeah. Every Thursday night you can bring a friend for free with you. It does not have to be a new person. Those are the 5:45 and the 7:00 p.m. classes. 5:45 is KORECYCLE, and 7:00 p.m. is REPSCYCLE, so you get a little variety with that as well. In addition to our one-year anniversary weekend, we will also have some sales, which we'll announce later on as we iron out those details.

Randal:             Awesome.

Matt:               Yeah.

Randal:             Awesome.

Erik:               Where can our viewers find a REPS Fitness Studio?

Matt:               Yeah, there's a couple options. We're on ClassPass, so if anybody's a member of that, you can access us through ClassPass. Our website is, so We are also on Instagram @repsstudiojp. Make sure you have the S for REPS and the S for Studio. It always trips everybody up. And then we're also on Facebook at REPS Fitness Studio as well.

Randal:             Great, and there's three locations. Right?

Matt:               Yeah. Our owner, Renvil, has a yoga studio in Beacon Hill as well as a REPS Studio in Beacon Hill. It's smaller than this, but he is in the process of opening a newer, larger studio, which he's very excited about. He also offers personal training. All right? And then this is our location here in Jamaica Plain.

Randal:             Okay.

Erik:               Great.

Randal:             Awesome. Awesome.

Erik:               And, as you said, it'll be a year in March.

Matt:               Yeah, it's crazy. I honestly can't believe it's been a year already. Some days it feels longer, but most days it's just like the time is flying, and I'm so grateful to have had the instructors and clients coming back at our one-year that were here on day one.

Randal:             Oh, that's awesome.

Matt:               Yeah. The retention's been great.

Erik:               Yeah, that's great.

Randal:             Awesome. You would really enjoyed it. Check them out. Come and take a class. Look at them online, and thanks for watching, everybody. Until next time, stay tuned ...

Erik:               And Stay Focused.

Randal:             ... Stay Focused.

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