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Stay Focused: S2 Ep48 Smart Home Technology


Stay Focused: S2 Ep48 Smart Home Technology

Randal Engelmann & Erik Gould

We are Randal Engelmann and Erik Gould, partners in providing exceptional customer service...

We are Randal Engelmann and Erik Gould, partners in providing exceptional customer service...

Dec 17 8 minutes read

This week, Erik and Randal chat about turning your home into a smart home. What hub are you using for your internet of things? Alexa? Google Home? Apple?


Erik:               Welcome to Stay Focused, Focused Real Estate's weekly video series! And this week, we have a special series on smart home technology. And Randal's been doing a lot of research for you, because this is actually a fun topic, something we're seeing a lot of.

Randal:             We're seeing a lot of it, and it touches so many different parts of our home.

Randal:             We're gonna try to touch a little bit of the surface of it, just to give you a departure point, and if you want some more information, feel free to reach out to us, we've got some really terrific resources. So first of all-

Erik:               You can really get lost in the technologies, so this is primer.

Randal:             Holy crap!

Randal:             Yeah, so you really can get lost in all of this stuff. So really, a few pieces of advice for you, as far as your home stuff. You're probably seeing it everywhere, people with the Alexa, the Hey Google, the Nest thermostats, that kind of stuff.

Erik:               The Ring doorbell.

Randal:             The Ring doorbell.

Erik:               All the security things like that.

Randal:             It's so totally interesting, and what caught my attention to this, a little bit, and to dive a little bit deeper to when Erik and I tried to buy a little light switch, a little timer for a light switch outside, and we brought it home and we were like, "Well crap, this doesn't work with our house."

Erik:               We just thought it would-

Randal:             We thought you plug it in and boom.

Erik:               It had an app that could turn it on and off from wherever, you needed a hub.

Randal:             So we're like-

Erik:               "What's a hub?"

Randal:             "What the Hell is a hub? And why do I need to spend more money?" But anyway, this is really our best piece of advice for you, is know where you start and do a tad bit of research first, okay? So realize that there's basically three systems that really are the most popular and pervasive in the market place.

Erik:               What are those three, Randal?

Randal:             The three are, Alexa and Amazon, so that's one system. You have Google is the second system.

Erik:               And Apple.

Randal:             Yep, and Apple is the third one, okay? So there are some advantages and disadvantages of each. The advantages are-

Erik:               So they have your hub?

Randal:             Their platforms for hubs, but be careful before you buy the cheapest Dots on Amazon or on Google, that may not actually be a hub but just a device to speak to, so check in to make sure it's a hub, it should say "Hub."

Randal:             And by "Hub", I mean something that talks to all of those other things in your house, like my little timer for the lights. Anyway ...

Erik:               The internet of things.

Randal:             The internet of things.

Erik:               So what's the "Internet of things"? We're talking about all these lights and even refrigerators and stuff like that. Being able to control those from ...

Randal:             From remotely. So when you're talking about these three systems, when you're talking about Amazon, it's probably the biggest and has the largest number of products that go along with it. Voice recognition is the strength of Google, so Google's platform, its artificial intelligence and speech recognition is the best. Then we move to Apple.

Erik:               Apple.

Randal:             Apple is just a little behind with some of those things, but they are also really easy to use because you don't need a hub, and it works with your iPhone or iPad. So those are the three systems.

Randal:             And when you're buying things, buy name-brand stuff. And by that, the reason we say that is that you want to buy stuff that has a password that can be changed, and a scan code that you can get instructions from.

Erik:               And name recognition, so the big names. We've got a couple of examples here.

Randal:             Smoke detectors. We have thermostats.

Erik:               Thermostats. Temperature control.

Randal:             This is cool. This is a door lock that you can control remotely, so the house cleaners are coming, you wanna let them in, but you don't wanna give them a pass code, you can unlock your door from your phone at work.

Erik:               And change the pass codes.

Randal:             And you can change the pass codes.

Erik:               Lighting, another big thing. So there's lot you can do with this. It's actually exciting and fun. Start out small, learn, make sure you're on the right systems and hubs.

Erik:               A good place to go for more information, Randal?

Randal:             Yeah, there's a really great website that talks about how all of this works together, and gives you instructions on how to get started, it's called Smart Home DB, DB, like "Database." So Smart Home Database dot com, is a place to go, it's a very simple site, can give you some good instructions on getting started. And have some fun with this, it's a fun thing to do, it's a fun thing to play with. And also, I'll have to say since we are in real estate, and we are in people's homes, be careful out there. When you're in other people's homes and you think you're alone, you might not be alone.

Erik:               Or on their front doorstep. They might be listening to you.

Randal:             They might be listening to you.

Erik:               Don't be saying "Oh I'm dreading going to this party", if you're standing at their front door. It might be listening.

Randal:             Might be listening. "I hope she's not wearing that dress."

Erik:               But if you have more questions, or you want to get started and you're just not sure, drop us a line or give us a call.

Randal:             We can give you some good resources.

Erik:               Exactly.

Randal:             Yeah, yeah. So thanks for watching, everybody. Don't forget to like us on Facebook.

Erik:               And subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Randal:             And until next time.

Both:               Stay tuned, and Stay Focused.

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