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December 2022 Market Update

Focus Real Estate
Dec 6 3 minutes read

Hey, it's Buddy the Elf here with your December market report, and instead of digging in really closely into all the fine details of the three neighborhoods we serve the most, Boston. Brookline and Newton, I thought I'd give you a more of a broad brush stroke to let you know what's happening in the market today.

Of the three areas that we serve the most, being Boston, Brookline, and Newton, we're looking at a very stable market and you can tell that it's stable by the numbers that we're choosing. And please feel free to click the link and check out what is happening in these different markets, but between single family, And condominiums In all of the marketplaces, we're looking at a list to sell ratio between 99 and 101%.

Sometimes a little bit higher in that, depending on the pricing category, but that's a very stable market. Also, what is another huge indicator of what's going on in our market today is the amount of inventory, and we're very stable in that capacity as well, where we're looking at between. 1.9 and 2.6 months of inventory in all three of these very important markets in and around the Boston area.

And what does that. Who cares about the months of inventory, but really what ends up what analysis, what analysts look at is a number of months of supply in there to determine who's in power in the market, whether it's a buyer or whether it's a seller. And when that number is less than five, you're looking at a seller's market.

The lower the number of course, the more powerful the seller's market that it is. And when we're looking in the height of Covid, we're looking at probably 0.75 months. Worth of inventory. So has our inventory come up? It has come up, but we're still at a level that's very much puts sellers in control of the marketplace.

Now, when we're looking at over five, that's when we're looking at an equalized market between five and six and over six. You're looking at a buyer's market, so I hope that helps you to understand what's going on in the. But please click the sites below to look into your neighborhood. And if you'd like a more analysis for exactly your property type and a pricing category and all of that, we'd be happy to run some analysis for you to give you a better idea what the value per property looks like today.

Thanks for watching and I'd love a like on the video. Thanks and see you next month.

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