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Pro Tip: Pop Bys

Focus Real Estate
Jan 3 3 minutes read

Ever wondered what a "Pop by" is and how it can be a game-changer in maintaining meaningful connections with your clients? Join us in today's video as we dive into the art of Pop bys and how to leverage this fantastic strategy for building lasting relationships!

🏡 What are Pop bys?

Discover the magic of Pop bys, a unique and personal way to reconnect with people you've served and helped in the past. Whether it's surprising them with a bottle of wine, some delicious cookies, or a lovely plant, it's all about creating spontaneous moments for a quick catch-up.

👋 A Hello Without Intrusion

Learn how Pop bys allow you to say hello without being too intrusive. Drop by your clients' homes, leave a thoughtful treat on their front porch, and remind them that you're just around the corner – creating a warm and friendly connection.

🌿 Personal Favorites

Explore our host's personal favorite Pop by items, from the classic bottle of wine to delightful cookies and even a charming plant. Find out how these thoughtful gestures make a positive impact on client relationships.

💼 Relationship-Driven Marketing

Discover the philosophy behind our marketing approach, which focuses not just on selling but on maintaining strong and genuine relationships. Hear how our host finds joy in building camaraderie within the organization and connecting with clients on a personal level.

🤝 Staying Connected

Join us as we delve into the importance of staying in touch with clients and how our host, being an interactive and conversational individual, utilizes these skills through phone calls, Pop bys, and various other methods to foster lasting connections.

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