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January 2022- Resolutions

It doesn't matter how big or how small your New Year's resolutions are. What matters is that you keep them. That's because the compound affect of making tiny resolutions can have a greater impact on the bigger things you do.

January 2022- Keep Your Resolutions

The best way to keep a New Year's resolution is to have a plan. Randal offers these tips on how to turn your resolutions into action.

January 2022- Carrot or the Stick?

Try these tips to help you keep your New Year's resolutions. 

January 2022- Resolution Success

You've created discipline and accountability to master your resolutions. Now you're ready for the next step. 

February 2022- Do you love what you do?

February is the month of Love. Do you love what you do? Does the love for your job shine through?

February 2022- Are you loving on your clients?

It's February so of course we're thinking about Valentine's Day and love. Are you loving on your clients? This is a good time to focus on ways to show your clients your appreciation.

February 2022 - Love Letters

February is the perfect time to talk about Love Letters. Are you using them when you represent buyers? Are you presenting them to your sellers when you represent a seller? Fair housing practices may come into play depending on where you're located. 

February 2022 - Speak in your client's love language

When you talk with your clients, are you talking in their love language? Randal explains the 5 love languages and how it could lead to strengthening your relationships with your clients. 

Great resource: The Five Love Languages, bestselling book by Gary Chapman

March 2022 - Is luck part of your business plan?

Is luck part of your business plan? Only if you're set up to create your own luck through preparation, training, practice, role playing, coaching and following the lead of others. We're talking about luck in March as we celebrate St. Patrick's Day and the Luck of the Irish. As Bruce Springsteen said, "I prefer to make my own luck." And that's what we all should strive to do.

March 2022 - Who are you following?

What are you doing to prepare yourself for success? Having the discipline to be a lifelong learner is key. Continue your learning and growth by following industry leaders - read their books, follow them on social media. Don't allow luck to be your business plan.

March 2022 - The intersection of timing and preparation

Luck is the intersection of timing and preparation. Are you waiting around for business to happen or are you creating your own opportunities?  Are you staying up-to-date on the market and tuning in to industry thought leaders? We'll tell you how you can make luck work in your favor. 

March 2022 - Create your own luck through discipline

We're talking about luck throughout the month of March. How do you create your own luck in your business? Through discipline. Are you role playing, phone calling, learning and growing every day? It takes discipline to do these things but that's what it takes to achieve success. 

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