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5 Ways to Love Your Home

Focus Real Estate
Feb 16 3 minutes read


Here are five ways to love your home, stay tuned. 


 It's February and we're continuing to talk about our theme of love all month long. 

Today, you'll hear from the focus team about ways in which they love their home and how we help clients continue to love theirs. 


One easy and inexpensive way to love your home is to paint. 

As you can see, in this bedroom right here, we've got Benjamin Moore, Evening Dove, which gives a very, very dark and moody sort of peaceful, serene vibe which is perfect for a bedroom. 

There's plenty of paint consultants out there at your local hardware shop or paint store that can help pick that perfect color for you. 


Artwork is one of the easiest, most simple changes you can do to your home to make you really love it. 

Whether that means giving a little biography of your life, where you've been, where you wanna go, or if that means adding a little bit of abstract pizazz to your home and changing the vibe, it can really help you love the space that you're in. 


Another way to love your home is by eliminating odors, and not only eliminating odors but taking it one step further and adding some fragrance to your home. 

You can do this by good old fashioned spray, like this, you can do it by the plug-in air fresheners, or you can light a candle. Either way, people love to come in and have a great smell to your home. 


Neathery, what's one of the favorite things about your house? 


I love all my house plants. Add color, they improve mood and reduce stress. 

Tending to your plants can be therapeutic. 


Oh, I love tending to my plants because I'm terrible with the outdoor garden but inside, I've got a green thumb, and it is therapeutic. 

It makes me feel good when I can take care of them and they thrive, and I love fresh flowers. It always brightens up the house and brightens your mood. 


Now that the new year's here, it's a great time to start decluttering your space. 

Decide what you love, what you don't love, and what you're ready to let go of. If you need any tips on how to get started, I highly recommend the work of Ms. Marie Kondo. 


We hope our Focus 5 helped you think of ways that you can love your home even more. And as always, 

Focus Real Estate Team:

Stay tuned and stay focused.

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