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Can luck work for you when selling your home?

Focus Real Estate
Mar 15 4 minutes read


How many of the high rises in New York actually have a 13th floor? Stay tuned. 5% of the high rises in New York city have a 13th floor. 

Welcome back to Stay Focused, Focus Real Estate's weekly video series. Here I wanted to talk a little bit more about luck superstition in real estate. 

When you start researching them, there's a whole bunch of them. I had a sale that happened a number of years ago where we actually changed the numerical address of the unit I was selling to suit the buyer because the number that was there was actually an unlucky number for them.

 I had a whole box of St. Joseph statues in my office for the longest time just to provide to my clients that wanted that little leg up when it came to making their house sale happen a little faster, creating an interesting intention for them. Now, of course St. Joseph needs to be planted in the front yard facing the sidewalk upside down. 

And when you leave your house, when it finally sells you pull them up and you put them on your mantle. You gotta follow through on those intentions. The Amish have a way of placing a five pointed star, metal star on the outside of their houses to draw in luck. I've seen them talk about Citron being used. 

Placed in homes in certain ways to draw luck and wealth. Also there's the whole entire feng shui movement. Well, it's more of a movement in the United States and more of a way of life in many parts of Asia. 

But that's also creating luck, working with energies that kind of stuff in our homes. So of course you can tell I'm having fun with this, right? I was also reading an article about a Baltimore agent that bought a Porsche 944 and she decided that what she was gonna do is just start ending all of her asking prices with 944. It seemed to work for her for a long time then she ran into an Asian client that said, "Eight's my lucky number." so she's started doing it. At least she did it for them. 988. 

In Judaism numbers ending in one, eight are lucky and people find that to be a great way to price their property, ending in the one, eight depending on what you believe. I think is very interesting. I think it's a fun topic because what I can't help going back to is these are intention creating exercises that we're all working on, right? 

So when we create these intentions, the outcome tends to come when we put them out there and say, "No, no, no we're serious enough about these. Whatever you want to call them to help bring about the desired effect for us. We love this stuff." I often sit down with clients and say, "I think it's really important for you to be able to visualize and understand what you're looking for as a buyer. Is the universe working to draw that towards you if you're always visualizing it? 

Athletes visualize their performance, why not a buyer visualize the outcome that they're looking for? Right? So anyway, just using all of the tools that we have available in our belt and actually having a little fun along the way. 

I hope this is helpful. I hope you enjoy these fun videos. I enjoy researching them for you. If you have some comments, I'd love you to post them below or instant message me or hell, just gimme a shout. 

And until next time stay tuned and stay focused. 

And lucky.

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