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Five Tips to Make Your Offer Stand Out

Mark Crespi-Flowers

Mark is a jovial individual who firmly believes that creating a bond full of trust and support is vital to any successful relationship...

Mark is a jovial individual who firmly believes that creating a bond full of trust and support is vital to any successful relationship...

Dec 7 4 minutes read

The home you'd LOVE to buy will probably get multiple offers. So how do you get yours to be accepted? Realtor Mark Crespi offers these five tips.


Up next is five tips to make your offer stand out. Stay tuned. 

When you're one of multiple offers, you really just become part of a spreadsheet. And really these sellers are going down the list, and looking at what you have versus what other people have. 

So it's really important to make your, these small things stand out, 'cause it really helps in the grand scheme of things, for them to zone in and look at yours. 

Nine times out of 10, you're gonna see $1000 for an earnest deposit, whether it's for a million dollar house or a $200,000 house. So offering a larger earnest deposit is the first thing in that spreadsheet that really sets you aside, besides the price of the home. 

As far as home inspections go, people generally either do them or they don't do them. So you'd have a yes or no, but if you have some kind of deductible there, it really stops the seller and makes them look at it and say, oh, they want to conduct a home inspection, but they're very serious about buying this home that they're willing to understand that not everything is right in this home.

And they may have to take care of X, Y, or Z. When you have 10 or 12 people bidding on the same home, at some point, it's gonna get so high that the bank may not agree that it's worth that much. 

And as happier the seller can be that they're gonna get this much for their home, they know that they may actually not get that if the bank comes and tells them they can't do it. 

So offering some kind of appraisal gap, some coverage between what the bank says is worth, and what you want it to be worth really gives the sellers some kind of ease that they're going to get what they want for this home. 

Sellers often want to line up the sale of their home with the sale of the new home so that they can not pay two mortgages or maybe have a couple of days of buffer so they can move things in from one home to another. 

It's really important to, as a buyer, not to really worry about your dates and what's important to you, but worry about what's important to them, that way, you can get what you want. As a home buyer, you're already aware of how competitive it is just being a buyer, but you also have to know that the sellers are probably doing the same thing as you when trying to buy their next home. 

So, offering something like a rent back can really be advantageous to the sellers because they do understand that they're placing multiple offers as well. They think that they might be homeless at some point. 

So, if you offer them a few weeks to just live in their home afterwards to give them that buffer of time to find their dream home, they could really be appreciative. I hope these five tips were really helpful for you. 

And I would love to piece together the best offer I can for you. Thanks for watching. And until next time, stay tuned and stay focused. Everyone, I said calm, .

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