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Know what Bruce Springsteen says about Luck?

Focus Real Estate
Mar 8 3 minutes read


Are you relying on luck? Stay tuned. Welcome back to Focus Real Estate's weekly video series.

I'm Randal. And today I'd like to chat a little bit about luck. I hear it a lot. And just wanted to kind of unpack that a little bit. Luck can often to be defined as a positive or negative experience that happens outside of one's control without any influence and by chance, right? 

So these chance things that happen in our lives that we don't really have any control over. And just wanted to chat about that a little bit as far as a couple of my favorite quotes on that, JFK was once quoted for saying it, was attributed to several other thinkers as well. 

That luck was the intersection of preparation and timing. Bruce Springsteen, who I appreciate for saying, "When it comes to luck I prefer to create my own." And just wanted to take that a step further and talk about kind of what we do in our business and how we work with our clients and how we do not rely upon luck when it comes to working with our clients. And what we really rely upon is preparation and timing. 

So, and then also discipline, I have to say, I'm gonna add that as a third property here that we work with and that when we're working with our clients we'd certainly want to do all the preparation we can. So what is that preparation? It's education. 

It's coming up with great systems and great programs when we're working with sellers, right? What is our marketing plan? What is our agenda? What do we do to get them the highest price every time guaranteed, right? What kind of systems and process do we do? 

We have a triple P program that brings us from preparation all the way to promotion and through a pre-launch stage. 

This doesn't happen by accident. It's a tried and true system that we've been working with for years and it works every time. When we're working with our buyers, what do we do? We rely upon the experience that we have and the systems and also a lot of training that we go through to make sure that we bring our clients the very best representation, negotiation, that we possibly can to make sure that they hit their goals as well. 

If you rely on luck, you might end up unlucky, right? 'Cause I think there's both sides to that coin. 

But really at Focus Real Estate, what we really strive to do every day with every client is really rely upon really great preparation, really great discipline, intersect that with the timing of the market to help bring about the best results for our clients. 

So I have to ask you, are you feeling lucky? 

Feel free to comment in the section below and I'd love to hear from you. 

And until next time, stay tuned and stay focused.

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