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Make Your Move

Focus Real Estate
Aug 22 2 minutes read

Erik- Where are you, all of you sellers? As high as prices are, we thought sellers would be saying, "Now's the time to sell. Now's the time to list and get these high prices before the buyers start dropping out of the market and prices come down." We're not seeing that. Sellers...

Randal- I fully expected 2022 to look like this. These prices are insane. We're getting out while these prices are high and we're taking and moving our equity into something else.

Erik - He's been saying that to me for the last year.

Randal - Right? So like, is this the right time to make a move? I mean, we live in a little bigger house than we really need, right? So is this the right time to downsize? I think so. He doesn't. But nonetheless, for you, what does that mean for you? It just means the same market that we've had forever. And like I said, I was fully expecting 2022 to look like this. Market gets flooded with inventory with people dying to get their houses on the market as the economy shifts, and it just didn't happen. It just didn't happen. And we were hoping to see more of that because we have lines of buyers that are ready to make purchase decisions.

Erik- Yep.

Randal - But there's still nothing to choose from.

Erik - So bottom line is we still need more inventory, prices are still not crazy. When we're talking about seven, eight, nine, 10%, we're not talking crazy. Like some markets are going up 50%, 100%, but we're still seeing some rising market prices, lower volume, strong sellers market still. Looks like that's gonna continue.

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