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Pro Tip- Invest in Education

Focus Real Estate
Sep 26 2 minutes read

Agent Pro Tip

- Welcome back to Agent Pro Tips for Focus Real Estate. it's the month of September, your kids are back to school, are you learning as well? This month, I want to concentrate on a few simple easy tips to make sure that you're educating yourself and staying abreast and on top of the market. First one is a really easy one. Are you a realtor? If you are a realtor, and a National Association of Realtors member you're getting the magazines in the mail every month. Read the magazines. Take a look at those. It's gonna give you national stuff. So you can look at those national trends, and then also breaking it down in the state of Massachusetts and what's happening here. There's a really great amount of information in those couple of magazines that come out, whether it's every month, every quarter to help you stay educated and abrupt the latest trends in real estate. So there's my pro tip for this month. Read those magazines you're getting in the mail from the associations that you belong to and pay for already.

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