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Pro-tip: Exactly What to Say (The Power of Listening)

Focus Real Estate
Nov 16 1 minutes read

Agent Pro Tip

One of the people that I've been influenced by the most lately is an author by the name of Phil M. Jones, and he wrote this book called Exactly What to Say. I think it's ironic, actually, that he talks exactly what to say because he talks a little more about listening than he does about talking. The person [ x ]that's in control of the conversation is most often the one asking the questions, not spewing the information. So this is a terrific book that helps you understand how to get to the bottom of what people are really after. 

Whether it's your children at home, whether it's your spouse, whether it's a client that you're working with, or perhaps even your boss, are you asking the right questions to get to the root of really what they need and want. This is a terrific book to either read, which I prefer to do, or listen to. I think you might find it really useful. 

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