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Risks & Home Inspections

Focus Real Estate
Sep 26 1 minutes read

Risks & Home Inspections

- Welcome back. We're talking again about risk and real estate and where that falls with home inspections.

- A lot of these risk reductions, home contingencies are risk reduction for buyers. A buyer, when they have a home inspection contingency, that's a back out for them. And that helps them reduce some of the risk. Gives them an out.

- When we look at this towards buyer, it's one perspective and then you change that perspective with the seller, right? So, when a seller has two competing offers, and this just happened with us, one with a mortgage contingency but no inspection, and one with an inspection contingency, but no mortgage.

- Mortgage contingency.

- The weakest link is always the inspection with a good preapproval. That's your weakest link in a transaction for a seller. So, they decided to take all other things being the same.

- No home inspection contingency, and went with a buyer who had a mortgage contingency.

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