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What Do We Do When
the Market Changes?

Focus Real Estate
Nov 8 2 minutes read

Agent: Hey, guys. What's going on today in the market?

Randal: Funny you should ask. One of the things that we certainly learned during the last downturn in the last recession that we experienced in the economy is you've got to kind of lean in.

Erik: Absolutely. And we're going through that time right now. So leaning in means investing more. More in our skills and in our agents and our technology, 

Randal: And more importantly, investing more in our clients. Right. It's going to take some greater skill to get to their goals. 

And that may mean some additional marketing, some additional time to market, a lot of additional work, but it's so worth it.

Erik: And the last market we saw, yes, things might be changing, but there's still a lot of sellers out there and a lot of buyers who need our help, actually need our help, probably more than ever in a changing market. 

Randal: You name it, we're staying on top of it because that's the best way that we can serve our clients.

Erik: And that's what we've learned, earned through these changing markets. 

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